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We are obsessed with putting great art on the spot.

Lomplay was born as an evolution to the market trends. Suddenly, due to the rise of disrupting ways of communication it has become really easy to engage with globalized audiences. Every day creativity is being admired by larger communities and there are now technology tools to make the best out of it. However, the methods applied to monetize it alligns with economic legacy sistems. We see a need to have alternatives in terms of financing and revenue streams. With the benefits offered by the world of blockchains and cryptoeconomics, We are a bridge to connect creatives with their audiences in a smooth, effective and more interactive way.

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What we believe in

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    We see the consumption of your pieces does not need to be set in a territory, by a third party or in within a regulatory system. You can now avoid restriction, censorship and repression so why not try it? Please note that we don't mean to break the law!

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    Creative works can be spread immediately and intuitively through social platforms. If you want to distribute their fixed format digitally for the different sources of entertainment, there are some complexities though. Don't you prefer to have it available for everyone as easy as "Upload"? We do.

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    You are a creator active in the industry, your role is to kickstart the value chain and make use of a myriad of middleman to reach your fans. It means you are the last person to receive an income or it leaves you with a low percentage of the revenues due to the risk others are taking to push your endeavors. This makes sense considering such artworks as a traditional asset class. But using cryptoeconomics, we noticed that a creator is able to kick off a career and maintain financial balance at the same time without losing ownership of the content. It's a revolution in the financial sector and we enable you to be part of it within creative industries.